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Benefits of the framework

You will see numerous benefits both personally and for the organisation by applying the Leadership Framework at your workplace. The framework is based not just on management customs but is underpinned by solid research combining sociology and psychology with management science.

A manager in a staff meetingBenefits for managers

 Using the concepts of the Leadership Framework will enable managers to build high performing teams, develop team members to their full potential and be personally successful. It does this by providing:

  • Clarity on the requirements of your role as a manager
  • Clarity on the role of others in the organisation and how you should interact with them
  • Clear accountabilities and authorities for managerial work
  • Principles to manage in a way that builds trust and achieves business outcomes
  • Practices to develop the full capability of your team
  • An understanding of how to build effective working relationships across the organisation
  • A model for diagnosing and correcting managerial leadership and organisation issues
  • A checkpoint against which you can assess yourself
  • A code of practice for your managerial work

Benefits for the organisation

A high rise organisationIf these concepts are extended across an organisation the additional benefits are:

  • Consistency in leadership practices across the organisation
  • Consistent expectations for all managers at all levels
  • A common language to solve people management issues
  • An organisational culture based on trust and fairness
  • Efficient strategy execution
  • Effective and productive systems of work
  • The development of workforce capability
  • Improved staff engagement and effectiveness

To unlock the leadership potential at your organisation and take advantage of these benefits become a member or read more about the framework.

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