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4. Develop important managerial skills and behaviours

Key ideas

  • The Leadership Framework provides managers with an integrated system for people management ie what managers must know and must do. It is therefore the basis for all training and development of people leaders.


Manager development is one of the most talked about topics in people management. It is an area where organisations spend and waste vast amounts of time and money, often with little or no result. It has become overly complex and an industry to itself when really it should be very simple.

While manager development is a critical issue for most organisations many are not even at the starting point of clarifying the role and expectations of managers. It is only after this is completed that the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for a manager role can then be accurately defined. The role of a manager is to achieve the business goals set for them and at the same time, provide an environment that allows their team to be effective and satisfied with their work while developing their full potential. Managerial work falls into three broad components, these are technical work, programming work and people work.

The focus of this section is on the people work and the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be a good people manager.

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