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1. Implement business strategy

Key ideas

  • Strategy describes what an organisation is attempting to accomplish over a period of years, as represented by the organisation's collective objectives. 
  • A strategy specifies what you do and don't do and results in initiatives designed to achieve the defined organisational objectives.


Organisations exist to coordinate the work of many people towards a common business purpose (producing the organisation's products and/or services). To deliver its purpose, each organisation has a strategy, decided by the owner or the Board (as representatives of the owners), with business objectives, decided by the CEO. The work is then organised by managers and delegated to the right people, at the right level and in the right roles.

The process to develop and implement an organisation's strategy has two stages:

  1. Strategic planning, which results in a clear set of strategic objectives defining what the organisation needs to do to be successful
  2. Strategy implementation, where strategic objectives are converted into initiatives, with business plans to deliver the strategic initiatives.

As the Leadership Framework is about people and systems of work to support the management of people to achieve business objectives this section focuses on strategy implementation, not the development of strategy itself. The starting point for strategy implementation is after all strategic options have been assessed and the strategic objectives have been decided.

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  • Cascading and deploying the strategy
  • Monitoring and assuring the strategy
  • Accountability for strategy development and implementation
  • Tools and resources - Why strategy implementation often fails
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