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5. Build workforce capability

Key ideas

  • Organisations are made up of people. People create the organisation's products and services both through design and production. People sell the organisation's products and services either directly or indirectly. People manage the infrastructure of the organisation including its physical, financial and people assets. Having a holistic and integrated workforce capability strategy is therefore essential for business success.


Building workforce capability is not just about training. It requires a holistic and integrated approach so that an organisation's people capability requirements are met for both the short term and long term.

Workforce capability issues will vary from organisation to organisation. They will also vary within organisations - there may be different issues depending on location, division, job group, age profile or gender mix. It may depend on whether the organisation is expanding or contracting.

While workforce capability issues vary from organisation to organisation they will usually focus on five main issues:

  • How do I attract people to this work?
  • How can I retain the skills I have?
  • How can I build the capability of my team(s)?
  • How do I remove excess resource or poor job fits appropriately and fairly?
  • How do I know I am managing my workforce effectively?

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  • Managing excess employees
  • Fair pay
  • Bonus systems
  • Talent identification and development
  • Creating a skills program
  • Tools and resources - Career conversations guide for employees
  • Tools and resources - Career conversations guide for the manager once removed
  • Tools and resources - Critical position identification form
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