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The Leadership Framework

TheLeadership Framework is a set of principles defining what managers must know and must do. It incorporates practices essential for managers at all levels, from frontline managers to middle management and executives. It addresses leadership in a holistic manner at the individual, team and organisational levels.

The framework clearly defines the requirements for leadership and sets practical and consistent standards expected ofmanagers. It provides a toolkit of principles that managers and teams can quickly use to address day-to-day challenges. It simplifies leadership as something everyone can understand and contribute towards.

The framework

The Leadership Framework is made up of three key elements for effective leadership: Leading people, Leading yourself and Leading the organisation. Under each element is a set of core principles that provide a practical guide to managers.

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Our flexible approach to learning ensures we provide a range of tools and services to help you use the Leadership Framework and unlock leadership potential:

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Learn more about the framework and what's involved with our free Introduction to the Leadership Framework download (PDF, 2.64MB) or read more about the benefits of our holistic approach.

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New book launched

New book

The fourth book of The Leadership Framework Series is now available - The Way to Go - How to Maximize Workforce Capability.

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