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 Leading People: The 10 Things Successful Managers Know and Do

This book uses the Leadership Framework to provide you with an integrated approach for how to be successful as a manager. Not only does it give you the fundamental foundation for understanding the Leadership Framework, it gives you practical help and tips on how to get started. Find out more.

Don't Fix Me, Fix the Workplace: A Guide to Building Constructive Working Relationships

The second book release deals with the main causes of workplace conflict and how to create a working environment that enables constructive working relationships which leads to productive work. Based on the Leadership Framework it provides an integrated and holistic model for constructive working relationships based on specific understandings of people at work. Find out more.

Make it Work: How to Successfully Implement your Business Strategy

The third book release provides a complete model for how to successfully implement business strategy. It deals with the key requirements for the organisation's structure (functions, roles and role relationships), its systems of work (policies, processes and information and communication technologies) and effective managerial leadership practices. Find out more.

The Way to Go: How to Maximize Workplace Capability

The fourth book release provides provides leaders and human resources professionals with the information and resources they need to improve workforce capability. The book provides a model for workforce capability development including individual capability including aspects which cannot be developed and the impact on the working organisation. Find out more.




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