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Leadership and HR Consulting

Use our consulting services tohelp implement the Leadership Framework at your workplace.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in leading and managing teams and Human Resource practice. We use this knowledge and experience to create a tailored plan for you. This includes information about where your organisation needs improvement and clear and direct solutions and actions. It can also include leadership training of managers and staff.

Our full range of consulting services are in three broad areas:

1. Leadership

  • Leadership Framework implementation
  • Improving organisational leadership (surveys, assessments, frameworks)
  • Tailored managers guide for the organisation

2. Workforce development

  • Aligning the Human Resources Division to the organisation's strategy
  • Improving staff engagement
  • Organisational effectiveness review
  • Building a capable and committed workforce
  • Cultural change
  • Strategy implementation and alignment

3. Human Resources

  • Human Resources effectiveness review
  • Human Resources policy review
  • Developing entry level programs
  • Creating effective recruitment and onboarding systems

Peter's deep experience and understanding of HR combines with his gift for simple effective pragmatic strategy to create HR teams and systems that deliver great results for individuals and organisations. A conversation with Peter is like a HR masterclass. I have learned and achieved so much with Peter and have every faith that you and your organisation will as well should you choose to work with him.


Tod Campbell, Organisational Development Manager

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New book

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