Terms and conditions of membership

Members are bound during their membership by these Terms and Conditions including any amendments made from time to time.

The Leadership Framework Pty Limited reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online, so please read these terms and conditions whenever you log in.

1. Membership applications
1.1. Applications for membership will be considered by Leadership Framework Pty Limited who has the right to refuse applications.
1.2. By submitting an application form by email or website, the member is deemed to have signed the application form.

2. Term of membership
2.1. Membership is fixed for a period of one calendar year starting on the day the member joins (the membership period). Membership will be activated at point of approval of the application but payment must be received within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.
2.2. Once memberships are purchased they cannot be cancelled unless otherwise stated in these conditions. No refunds of unexpired memberships will be made.

3. Types of membership
There are two types of memberships, individual members and corporate members.
3.1. Individual membership
3.1.1. Individual membership belongs to the individual and not to an organisation regardless of who pays for the membership. Any dispute arising from this must be resolved by the member and their organisation. Members will be issued with a membership number which should be used when calling us to help identify you quickly.
3.1.2. Individual members may upgrade membership from Manager Level to Executive level at anytime.
3.1.3. A member may upgrade from Manager Level to Executive Level in one of two ways. Either:
(a) During the first month of any 12 month membership, by paying a sum equivalent to the difference between the fees already paid and the amount of fees that would have been due had the member registered at the Executive Level at the start of The Membership Period; or
(b) Alternatively a member may choose to pay the full amount of fees charged for the Executive Level and a new period of 12 months will start from the date of payment of that fee. In this case members will be provided with a refund of the unused portion of the Manager Level of membership.
3.1.4. Members cannot downgrade membership from Executive Level to Manager Level except at the expiry of The Membership Period.
3.1.5. Members are provided with a user identification code and password as part of the Leadership Framework Pty Limited's registration process. Members must treat such information as confidential and must not disclose it to any third party. The Leadership Framework Pty Limited does not permit the sharing of logins or passwords and similarly, no group logins and passwords are permitted. The Leadership Framework Pty Limited has the right to disable any user identification code or password at any time.
3.2. Corporate membership
3.2.1. Corporate membership is intended for employees of the named member company. Parent or other related companies are expected to join in their own right if employees of those companies wish to receive Member benefits, unless otherwise agreed, in writing, with The Leadership Framework Pty Limited.
3.2.2. Corporate members require a named Corporate Member Representative in order to receive all benefits of the membership package. Corporate membership can be transferred to a different representative within the organisation, but The Leadership Framework Pty Limited must be informed of the new representatives contact details.
3.2.3. It is the Corporate Member Representative's responsibility to ensure that details of membership and its benefits are disseminated throughout the membership organisation.
3.2.4. Access to the Leadership Framework website will only be available through the Corporate Member's website/email. Access will not be available through an individual's private computer/email.
3.2.5. Corporate members are responsible for making all arrangements necessary to access The Leadership Framework website subject always to the prohibition on login and password sharing.
3.2.6. Corporate members are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access Leadership Framework website through the member's internet connection are aware of the Terms and Conditions, and ensure that they comply with them.
3.2.7. Corporate members are responsible to ensure that the users who access The Leadership Framework website via their corporate membership are legitimate users. Corporate members may not add a user who is not an employee of the member organisation.

4. Terminating membership
4.1. The Leadership Framework Pty Limited reserves the right to withdraw membership or to prevent any member from renewing membership if the member:
4.1.1. Puts The Leadership Framework into disrepute.
4.1.2. Is deemed to have misused the membership privileges.
4.1.3. Is found to have contravened the General Terms and Conditions
4.2. In addition to the above The Leadership Framework Pty Limited reserves the right to withdraw membership from corporate members if the work of the organisation is no longer compatible with that of by Leadership Framework Pty Limited.

5. Cancellation and refunds
5.1. Individual member's have the right to cancel membership within 7 working days of the date of purchase as long as they have not yet accessed member downloads. If a member validly cancels membership within the 7 day period The Leadership Framework Pty Limited will refund membership fees paid. If membership is cancelled outside the 7 day period, the membership fees are not non-refundable.
5.2. Corporate members have the right to cancel membership during the period up until the relevant services are delivered (which shall for this purpose be defined as access to member downloads on The Leadership Framework Pty Limited website) or the end of 3 working days from the date of purchase, whichever is shorter. If membership is validly cancelled The Leadership Framework Pty Limited will refund the membership fees paid. If membership is cancelled outside this period, the membership fees are non-refundable.
5.3. Further to clause 5.1 and clause 5.2 as the case may be, no part, right, access quota or other element of any membership may be carried forward, and no credit will be given for the unused portion of any membership e.g. no credit will be given if fewer users are on a multi-user membership than the total amount allowed according to that membership Level. All your membership benefits will expire and access to such benefits will cease when The Membership Period expires. Access to The Leadership Framework's website will only be reinstated when membership is renewed.

6. Use of material
6.1. The site contains material and other content that users/members may access. Some content may only be accessed by Members in accordance with the relevant membership level and other content is free of charge.
6.2. Subject to clause 6.4. The Leadership Framework Pty Limited hereby grants to the member a non-exclusive worldwide licence for the duration of the membership to download, store, use, reproduce, transmit, display, copy, and provide access to the material in accordance with the terms of the membership (if applicable) and at all times only for the member's own information purposes and for the avoidance of doubt, not for any commercial or business purposes.
6.3. The user shall not alter or remove any content of any material including hyperlinks, copyright notices or other notices indicating rights in the material.
6.4. For the avoidance of doubt, the licence granted in clause 6.2 above shall not permit the user to do any of the following without the prior written consent of The Leadership Framework Pty Limited:
6.4.1. transfer the licence granted in clause 6.2;
6.4.2. download, store, reproduce, transmit, display (including without limitation display on any intranet or extranet site), copy, sell, publish, distribute, provide access to or otherwise use the material for any purposes other than as set out in clause 6.2;
6.4.3. sub-license, rent, lease, transfer or assign any Intellectual Property Rights in the material, to any other person, or attempt to do any of the foregoing;
6.4.4. disclose the material reports whether in part or in their entirety to any third party, including any associated or affiliated company;
6.4.5. in any way commercially exploit any of the material' content; or
6.4.6. use the material for any unlawful purpose
6.4.7. use The Leadership Framework Pty Limited logo and/or name for the purposes of self-promotion on any of their organisational materials, including website.
6.5. Any breach by the member of any of the terms of the licence will entitle The Leadership Framework Pty Limited to
6.5.1. terminate the licence granted in clause 6.2 and, if applicable, your membership.
6.5.2. seek further damages and penalties.
6.6. Without prejudice to clause 6.2 The Leadership Framework Pty Limited reserves the right to amend, edit or abbreviate or take down once published any report at our discretion.

7. Special offers
7.1. From time to time, The Leadership Framework Pty Limited may make special offers entitling users/members, to obtain a discount off certain services including events, research, membership and training, subject at all times to these Terms and Conditions.
7.2. Any special offer or discount so offered by The Leadership Framework Pty Limited:
7.2.1. will only be valid for the stated service and cannot be transferred or applied to other services;
7.2.2. will only be valid for the nominated time period, or until The Leadership Framework Pty Limited cancels or removes the offer or promotion at its discretion;
7.2.3. may only be redeemed against a new purchase, and cannot be redeemed against an existing or prior purchase for the stated service;
7.2.4. may only be redeemed online on The Leadership Framework website, unless otherwise stated in the offer;
7.2.5. will only be valid for one promotional code per purchase;
7.2.6. has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or for benefits in kind such as future discounts; and
7.2.7. where communicated to users/members via email, is non-transferable unless otherwise stated and the email address provided in the booking must be the same as the email address to which the special offer or discount was sent in order to qualify.
7.3. If a user/member cancels a service that was subject to a special offer or discount, any refund payable under clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions shall not include the amount of the discount, and the user/member will not be entitled to any subsequent reinstatement of the discount.
7.4. The Leadership Framework Pty Limited reserves the right to cancel a promotion at any time, and/or reject the redemption of a promotional code.

8. Services and fees
8.1. The website and services shall be made reasonably available to all users in accordance with any membership level subject to these Terms and Conditions and subject to technical errors and downtime associated with the internet and the website. Members acknowledge and accept that such downtime may prevent access to the website and services from time to time and that access to the website and services will not, therefore, be error free or uninterrupted.
8.2. The Leadership Framework Pty Limited reserves the right to change the content, presentation, performance, and availability of any part of the website at its sole discretion and without notice to you.

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